U3A Area

Welcome to the Imperium Latin U3A Area. You may find that some things here overlap with what you will find in other parts of this website but I have been approached recently to make recommendations as to how members of a U3A group could make best use of the course, so this page is a response to that.

A recommended course

In terms of structure, I recommend that a group should work through one chapter in each class, there being 10 chapters in each of the three books of Imperium Latin. So a series of 12 classes will be optimum for covering the first book of the course, with the first class used for introductions and explanations of procedures and a last class reserved in case members want to take a self-administered attainment certificate and wish to have their tests and certificates given back. (I am happy to discuss this in further detail with anyone who’s interested.) The final session could also serve as a social meeting and a forum to discuss whether or not group members will want to continue on with a new set of classes based on Book 2. Please note that if the class is still together and working through Book 3, more lessons will probably be needed due to there being more difficult material to get through.

Members will prepare by working their own way through each chapter before they come to class, making use of the audio files and the Imperium Word Tools app where they feel they need support. As such, the meeting will represent a going-over exercise and not a seeing-for-the-first-time. Members who want to make significant progress rather than just enjoy the experience (I imagine there will be both kinds of people in a group of this nature!) should observe the processes recommended in the book for the sine qua non tests at the end of each chapter: they can monitor their own learning during this process by using the practice tests which are to be found at this link.

I will be very happy to talk with any potential group leaders about this in person and will certainly try to help if I can. I will also be happy to make an appearance by Zoom or in person to say hello to your group if this is seen as desirable and if it is achievable.

Books or pdf files?

As you will see elsewhere on this website, books 1, 2 and 3 can be downloaded free of charge as pdf files. However, I should urge U3A members to consider buying real books. I think this will give them a better experience of learning Latin because students of this type (and age, if I may say so) will be more suited to having a physical book in front of them during their studies.

Book 1 costs £11.50 if bought directly from Amazon but I can order a set for U3A groups using my own author discount and this will save money for all concerned. This will apply to a minimum number of 5 books ordered at any one time, in which case I can send them directly to your address for around £7 per copy. Once you have decided with your members if you’d like to use real books, just email me (julian@imperiumlatin.com) with the relevant numbers, so I can quote you an accurate price. Please note that I will ask for this to be paid up front, however, before I place the order on your behalf.

If members are using real books, they should nevertheless also print out sets of the rough work sheets available at this link. If they do this at home they can then use the sheets to make preliminary translations before anything is committed in writing to the book. As such, they allow for tidier working.

Audio files

Members working at home should all be encouraged to buy and make use of the Audio (mp3) files, as these will give them immediate feedback on exercises they have completed. Every single exercise in the course is covered and they provide an opportunity for folks to be in personal contact with me as the author of the course. They cost £6 and I’d urge people, please, to observe copyright rules and not to share them. They were designed very much with self-learners or accelerated programme students in mind, so you can have a teacher thrown in for good measure where and when you feel you need one and they will act in lieu of an answer grid. I have seen some students make incredible progress with these.

In most cases, I recommend that U3A members should work on a single chapter before each class, completing the exercises as best they can and then checking them against the audio files.

Imperium Word Tools App

I should strongly encourage U3A members to buy and use the Imperium Word Tools App once they have reached Chapter 8. This costs £4 and is available for different computers and tablets but once again, please do not share it. However, it won't help much if you simply look at the vocab entry which appears on the first screen: it was designed to help visualise and contextualise systems, so you should always proceed to the second screen unless you are certain you don't need to. There are versions for iOS devices, Android, PC, Mac or Linux computers.

Bonam fortunam

Good luck in your endeavours and do please keep me posted. If you're not already following me on twitter, I'd recommend that too as there are often things which get announced there which aren't mentioned anywhere else.