Omnibus Edition

The Imperium Latin Omnibus Edition contains all of Books 1, 2 and 3 in their entirety and is available exclusively as an electronic book from the iBooks Store. At only £4.99, this is a super-cheap way to buy the whole course and opens the door to a paperless experience in Latin learning. It should be noted that the materials can be used alongside the downloadable rough work sheets in the student area of this website, for those reluctant to abandon paper entirely.

Making use of the Omnibus Edition can complemented by the interactive book version of our Grammar and Syntax Guide and the Imperium Word Tools App. We believe that this combination of resources offers perhaps the most technologically advanced way there is today of learning Latin, as well as one of the cheapest.

Students may want to record all of their work in the book itself, in which case they can tap on a word or phrase, hold and then select Note from the options which appear.

Answers can now be entered as notes, to look at later or show to a teacher, as shown in the screenshot. The use of colour-coding during the process may help to make the end result something of which to feel proud.


Click here to make your purchase from the iBooks Store.