Grammar and Syntax Guide

The Imperium Latin course has been written in the twenty first century to suit the needs of students today. This Grammar and Syntax Guide is aimed at a wide audience: it should serve any student of Latin, not just those who have used the Imperium Course.

The Grammar Section contains information about all the major parts of speech and how the endings of words change. There are tables of nouns, adjectives, pronouns and verbs, all laid out in an easy to read format.

The Syntax Section follows an alphabetical order, with information given about all of the major clauses and constructions of Latin. Example sentences are given, so that the building blocks of the language can be seen in context.

The Contents pages and the Index should make it possible to find things quickly. Latin can be a difficult subject to master but this book aims to make the process just that little bit easier.


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The guide is also available as an electronic book at this link from the iBooks Store.


Sample 1: Imperium Latin Grammar and Syntax Guide, pages 1-2
Sample 2: Imperium Latin Grammar and Syntax Guide, pages 72-76