Audio files

There is a full set of audio files available for download now to support the Imperium experience. In fact, every single exercise is now accompanied by an audio recording, made by the author of the course. It is recommended for students to take notes of their own, when they use these audio files.

We hope that these files will enable students and/or teachers to find help with some of the more difficult exercises in the book. In particular, when it comes to English into Latin, not everybody has the confidence to tackle the process, though by doing so, it is our contention that everyone involved can benefit by developing a deeper understanding of the language.

I have purchased your mp3 files and have been using them to mark the exercises I've already completed, and they're absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!

Katrina Gould


Please note the price for this product is £6 + VAT, with all adjustments made for payment in local currencies. You can make your purchase online here. Teachers should note that these files are included in the Site Support Pack.


Book 3, Exercise 26.4